The Sound – Accommodation in Ban Tai

Budget Accommodation Phangan

The Sound - Accommodation on Koh PhanganThe sound is a cool place to stay in Koh Phangan! Six rooms are available not far from the full moon party in Haad Rin. Also near by is the half moon party in Ban Tai and the jungle party. Actually when you have come to Koh Phangan to party, you won’t have to search long to find a place to go. The Sound is located in the center of Ban Tai, only 100 meters from the beach and it is easy to get around.

The Sound - Budget Accommodation Koh PhanganThe Sound offers budget accommodation on Koh Phangan. The rooms are nice and clean and well taken care of. You can choose if you would like to have air condition or not. The restaurant serves breakfast lunch and dinner. Available is Thai and western food and Dutch specialties. And… as the name suggests, The Sound also has great music; especially on Tuesdays! Every Tuesday from 08:00pm to 02:00am there is live music on the program and the jam is open for everyone to join in.

Getting Around on Koh Phangan

The Sound Koh Phangan - RestaurantFrom Ban Tai to Haad Rin you can get easily on a taxi in about 10 – 15 minutes. To Thongsala, the main town of Koh Phangan,where you find many shopping possibilities including Tesco Market and 7/11 markets, it’s less than five minutes on a motorbike or on a taxi. In general the island is pretty easy to get around on and most bigger roads are in a perfect condition.

Live Music at he Sound Koh-Phangan - The-StageKoh Phangan offers many possibilities to make your holidays very enjoyable. Explore the island on a motorbike or hire a jeep to see even more of this paradise island. Ak, the owner of The Sound will be happy to advice you where you can get the best deals. If you are adventurous, you may want to try elephant riding, mountain biking, scuba diving or hiking. Ban Tai is also a great place for kite surfing or just to hang out and relax on the beautiful white sandy beach. Please contact us if you need more information or you have a specific question about accommodation on Koh Phangan. Check out the website of the Sound here.

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Power Beach Resort Koh Phangan

Accommodation in Baan Tai

The Power Beach Resort in Baan Tai, Koh Phangan offers the ideal located accommodation for those who are visiting Koh Phangan for the famous full moon party. Baan Tai lays about half way between the pier in Tongsala and the at this time mostly crowded beach area of Haad Rin, where the full moon party takes place.  The beach of Baan Tai is one of the most beautiful beaches of Koh Phangan. The long white sand strip with comfortable beach chairs and a shady umbrella in Thai style will make your stay seem like holiday in paradise! The stunning view from your beach chair offers a colorful sunset to the west and Koh Samui and the Angthong National Marine Park to the south and the south-west. Cocktails are served to the beach or to one of the two large swimming pools.

This incredible Beach Resort in Koh Phangan offers all the comforts of life you could wish for. You can get a Thai Massage, or keep in shape in the fitness center. You can play pool on the free pool table or you can even get a tattoo if you’re up to. You can get a manicure or a pedicure, try out all kinds of healthy things in the spa of the resort. You can learn how to scuba dive or if you know already, go diving on “Sailrock”, the best dive site in the Gulf of Thailand. Or how about elephant trekking? You could try mountain biking or simply go for a stroll along the beach and enjoy the sunset.

Power Beach Resort offers eleven different types of accommodation in Koh Phangan, so go and have a look on their website for prices and detailed room descriptions. With only 10 to 15 minutes way to the full moon party and less than ten minutes to the main town and all the shopping possibilities of Phangan, including organic vegetables and other healthy food, Ban Tai is the place to rest your head during the party days. The fullmoon party in Ko Phangan is usually attended by 20 to 30 thousand people and accommodation could be hard to get only one night prior to the party. Therefore we strongly recommend that you book your bungalow on the beach as soon as possible.

Have a look at some amazing Pictures of Power Beach Resort Koh Phangan.

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Accomodation Haad Rin

New Years Party Haad Rin Koh Phangan

Haad Rin 2011

Haad Rin is for sure the most famous village on Koh Phangan. Every month thousands of people seeking accommodation in Haad Rin for the world famous full moon party. This month the full moon party has already passed but there is another big event to come in a few days, the New Years Eve Party! Haad Rin is in the countdown fever since December 21. when the first big event took place with the opening concert of  the Thai reggae band Job 2 Do at the Drop-In Bar. Other events are a beach volley championship, a football championship, a Miss Wet T-Shirt contest and many smaller events and parties. The biggest firework show on Koh Phangan is also expectet to take palce in Haad Rin.

Full Moon Hill Resort Haad Rin

The newly renovated Full Moon Hill Resort in Haad Rin Resort has just opened under new ownership and new management and offers top class accommodation in Haad Rin, over-viewing the whole full moon party beach of Haad Rin. Full Moon Hill Resort Haad Rin offers two types of bungalows; air conditioned luxury accommodation with TV and open air bathrooms and the slightly smaller bungalows with fan. All bungalows at Full Moon Hill Resort offer a great view over the Haad Rin Bay. The way to the beach can easily be walked in ten minutes, so you won’t need to use a bike to go to a party. The resort has a cutting edge swimmingpool, a restaurant which serves Thai and Western dishes and a pool bar.


Enjoy some pictures of Haad Rin and the newly opened Full Moon Hill Resort Haad Rin.

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Rent a House in Chaloklum

Budget Houses for Rent

If you are coming to Koh Phangan for another reason than the monthly Full Moon Party, and you are planing to spend somewhat more time on this beautiful tropical island, you might want to think about renting a house on a monthly basis.  Koh Phangan offers a broad variety of accommodation all over the island. There are houses for rent from very low prices out in the jungle and with not much comfort or you can find beautiful wooden cottages with a huge porch and two bedrooms with Internet access and swimming pool for around 200 – 250 Euro a month.

House with Natural Swimming Pool

In the north west of Koh Phangan lays the fisherman village Chaloklum. Momentarily  there are three houses for rent, I know of. Each house has fast internet access, hot shower, a large kitchen and best of all; a natural swimming pool! The naturally built swimming pool is accessible only for residents. The water comes directly from the waterfall behind the resort and runs through the swimming pool. The houses are built in fair distance to each other and are embedded in a beautiful tropical garden full of exotic plants and flowers. If you would like more information about a house for rent on Koh Phangan, please contact us here.

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